Responsible Investment at Infracapital

Infracapital has an established ESG Management System that integrates ESG across the full life cycle of our funds. 

In addition to delivering an attractive long-term investment to our investors, infrastructure investments are able to make a positive impact on society. Infracapital’s investment strategies consider the changing needs of society and pursue opportunities that will aim to deliver social and economic good as well as potential returns to investors. We ensure our investment process takes a responsible approach to investing by reviewing potential investments for ESG opportunities and risks. We seek controlling or significant minority stakes in our investee companies so that we can deliver an active asset management approach. This supports our ability to manage ESG issues and risks effectively and improve ESG standards across our investee companies to ultimately enhance value. We ensure strong governance and oversight of our business through regular reporting on relevant KPIs and ESG metrics. 

At Infracapital, we have a dedicated Responsible Investment Committee made up of co-founders, Martin Lennon and Ed Clarke, Managing Director Investor Relations & Responsible Investment, Carolyn Pearce, Head of Greenfield, Andy Matthews, Brownfield Transactions Managing Director, Mark Chladek, Asset Management Managing Directors, Stephen Nelson and Wael Elkhouly. The Committee meet quarterly to review adherence to the system and monitor best practice, consistently reviewing opportunities to improve approach. 

With the fast-pace nature of today’s world, we aim for our ESG approach to be forward-looking and evolving, enabling us to be at the forefront of this global transition.