Alticom is the owner of national broadcast and telecommunication infrastructure in the Netherlands. Alticom has unique portfolio of 33 towers and masts providing a platform for national broadcast coverage of radio and digital television and forms an essential component of wireless networks for the Dutch telecommunication operators.

The business benefits from stable and predictable cash flows, underpinned by long term, index-linked contract revenues.

Realised: September 2017


Gigaclear is a broadband developer, developing reliable, high-speed Fibre-To-The-Premises (“FTTP”) fibre optic broadband networks in the rural communities in the UK ensuring connectivity across underserved communities. The business offers speeds up to 1Gbps and is targeting a market of 1.5 million rural households currently underprovided for by the existing large broadband providers.


Nexera is a broadband developer engaging in the construction and operation of fibre broadband networks in underserved areas across Poland, tendered by the Polish government. A meaningful portion of the projects are to be subsidised by the EU, as part of the EU’s digital agenda to achieve universal 30mbps+ broadband connectivity by 2020.

Neos Networks

Neos Networks brings together the unparalleled expertise of dedicated professionals who combine the technical excellence and innovative approaches required to provide businesses, government organisations and their partners with a superior network that is the cornerstone of the UK’s digital future. All this is done with a spirit of collaboration, partnership and integrity because we know we can achieve more, together.

Services are delivered through a UK-wide 24,480km network, offering a wide range of products and integrated solutions including leading edge WAN, Ethernet, Optical and Dark Fibre services. With decades of industry knowledge and experience, Neos Networks can be trusted to deliver efficiencies as well as a competitive edge.


WightFibre is an established local telecom company on the Isle of Wight rolling out Fibre-to-the-Premises (“FTTP”) across the island targeting 51.5k homes and 1.9k businesses over three years.

The business benefits from a well-protected regional market with an established customer base.


CCNST is one of the largest fibre infrastructure providers in Germany, possessing 46 networks, compromising 3,300km of fibre. The company operates substantial Fibre-to-the-Cabinet ("FTTC") and Fibre-to-the-Premises ("FTTP") networks, spanning more than 100 underserved rural communities.


Fibrus is a fibre broadband network provider in Northern Ireland, with plants to roll-out Fibre-to-the-Premises ("FTTP") across rural Northern Ireland.  The company is targeting underserved regions to ensure access to connectivity for residential and non-residential customers with poor or no connectivity.

BBV Deutschland (BBV)

BBV is one of only a small number of pure play German Fibre-to-the-Home ("FTTH") businesses, which focuses on rolling out FTTH in rural and semi-rural areas which are currently reliant on slow broadband speeds.


Spectrum focuses on providing high-quality broadband connectivity to homes and businesses currently suffering with low average broadband speeds in South Wales.



The value of investments will fluctuate and investors may not get back the original amount they invested.