Associated British Ports

Associated British Ports owns and operates 21 ports around Great Britain making it the largest landlord port operator in the country.

ABP's operations offer excellent geographic coverage and handle a diverse mix of cargo, both by type, trading origin and destination. Ports include Immingham, the UK’s largest port by tonnage, and Southampton, the UK’s second largest container terminal.

The business has a strong stable earnings base due to its ‘landlord nature’ and diversification of cargoes, customers and geography of ports, as well as a substantial amount of contracted income.

Realised: July 2015

Red Funnel

Established in 1861, Red Funnel provides passenger, vehicle and freight ferry services between the UK mainland and the Isle of Wight. The business provides c.20,000 crossings per annum, operating 364 days a year. The Isle of Wight is a popular holiday destination as well as having a fast growing population.

Red Funnel has a strong market position, providing stable operating cash flows.

Under Infracapital’s ownership the business made significant operational improvements and substantially grew market share while delivering best in class customer service.

Realised July 2017


The construction and maintenance of 30km of new motorway in Scotland and the maintenance of 74km of existing motorway adjacent to the new road.

Gruppo Investimenti Portuali SpA

Gruppo Investimenti Portuali SpA (“GIP”) is one of the leading independent container terminal operators holding strategic concessions at four key origin/destination terminals, in Northern Italy. GIP leases facilities from the local port authority, provides equipment, hires and trains labour, secures customers and manages the day to day cargo handling operations. In addition to long established onward transport links, easy access to the Suez Canal makes GIP the preferred hub for European trade with the Far East.

The business has a strong market position and a stable earnings base underpinned by contracts with longstanding customers.

Corelink Rail Infrastructure (CORELINK)

Corelink is a rolling stock lessor platform providing financing for the procurement of new trains by the UK’s West Midlands franchisee. The West Midlands Franchise provides commuter, inter-urban and regional services to passengers in the West of England and London.

The business benefits from high barriers to entry and long term predictable cashflows with rolling stock historically staying in service on the same franchise for the full useful life.

GB Railfreight (GBRf)

GBRf is the UK's third-largest rail freight operator, providing essential haulage and ancillary rail services to a variety of critical end-user segments.

The business benefits from structural barriers to entry and long-term contracted cashflows in addition to increasing environmental awareness, political support and growing intermodal trade supporting the shift from road to rail.

Recharge Infra

Recharge Infra is a market leader for public Electric Vehicle (EV) charging in the Nordics, the most advanced EV market across Europe. The business is at the forefront of the energy transition agenda and is leading the way in clean energy transportation supporting the carbon neutral agenda. 

The business benefits from favourable market dynamics with significant uptake in the Nordic EV market as a result of strong policy support.


BCTN is the largest inland terminal operator in the Benelux. The business provides end-to-end inland container transport services to customers using Europe’s largest deep sea ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Zeebrugge. BCTN’s terminals are located in strategically important positions within close proximity of the Group’s clients.


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