Responsible Investing

Environmental, Social and Governance is part of the ethos of our firm. We target investments with the scope for stable, sustainable performance and our portfolio companies work closely with the communities where they are based, to create a positive impact for all stakeholders.

Our Responsible Investment Policy

Responsible investing is part of the ethos of Infracapital and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance ("ESG") issues are embedded across our investment lifecycle.

Responsible Investment at Infracapital

Infracapital’s investment strategies consider the changing needs of society and pursue opportunities that will aim to deliver social and economic good as well as potential returns to investors.

Our Commitments

Infracapital supports a number of corporate and social responsibility initiatives reflecting its commitment to sustainable business practices.


Disclosures in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation (the “SFDR”)

Where required, fund specific disclosures required in accordance with the SFDR will be made available in the data room and the investor portal for the relevant fund, as applicable.

ESG considerations are integrated into Infracapital’s investment process as outlined in the policy named “Infracapital’s Approach to Responsible Investment”. In relation to the transparency of adverse impacts requirement of SFDR in particular, Infracapital’s expectation is that it will consider the adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors within the meaning of the SFDR and the underlying rules once finalised. However, in the meantime, in the absence of the finalised underlying rules, it is not possible for Infracapital to produce a principle adverse impact statement. Infracapital anticipate that they will begin to produce a principle adverse impact statement summary with effect from the first possible reporting date, such position to be reviewed and confirmed once the underlying rules have been finalised.

Going forward, information on the extent to which environmental and/or social characteristics have been met for Infracapital Funds in scope of SFDR will be found in the Fund’s Annual Financial Reports. Such reporting will be made available in the data room and the investor portal for the relevant funds.

The value of investments will fluctuate and investors may not get back the original amount they invested.