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In addition to its policies and procedures, which Infracapital believe are industry leading, Infracapital supports a number of corporate and social responsibility initiatives reflecting its commitment to sustainable business practices

M&G plc is a signatory of United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investing (UNPRI). The UNPRI Initiative is an internal network of investors working together to put the six principles for Responsible Investment into practice. The principles reflect the increasing relevance of environmental, social and corporate governance issues to investment practises. Signatories publicly commit to adopt these principles and incorporate sustainability issues into their investment decision making and ownership practices, helping better align investment activities with the broader interests of society with them. As a signatory, Infracapital and M&G will be required to report annually on its adherence to these key investment and asset management principles. In Infracapital’s first submission in 2020, Infracapital were accredited an A+ in recognition of its fully integrated ESG Management System and active approach to responsible investment.

Sir David Walker’s Guidelines for Disclosure and Transparency in Private Equity were issued in November 2007 and recommended, along with several initiatives, greater overall transparency from private equity firms. The Walker Guidelines were formulated after extensive consultation with industry groups including private equity, accountancy and law firms, as well as limited partners. Although the application of the guidelines was suggested for private equity funds rather than infrastructure funds, Infracapital recognises the legitimacy of increased transparency and, where possible and appropriate, attempts to adopt this for reporting to limited partners and for the valuation of investments.

With ESG a key consideration for our activities as managers, we recognise that we have both the opportunity and responsibility to make a further positive contribution to the societies in which we operate. In 2019 Infracapital, with a number of industry peers, founded the Infrastructure Industry Foundation ("IIF"), to unite the infrastructure industry in donating funds to worthy charitable causes close to the industry. Our vision is to establish a permanent cross industry foundation. Through annual events we aim to bring participants across the industry together to socialise and network whilst raising funds that can provide a lasting legacy of which participants in the industry can be proud. For further information, please visit: https://infrafoundation.co.uk/.

Additionally, Infracapital follows the M&G plc Group Code of Business Conduct, which reflects the culture of corporate and social responsibility that permeates the organisation. The M&G plc Group Board requires the highest possible standards of professional and ethical conduct of itself and from all employees. This Code of Conduct sets out the basic ethical standards that are required across the Group. Equivalent standards of conduct are expected from all agents and other persons acting on behalf of the Group. All employees and other persons acting on behalf of the Group are expected to treat compliance with this Code of Conduct as an important element of their relationship with the Group.

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