July 2018

Global Fund Media Interview with Martin Lennon

These are propitious times for European infrastructure managers. The European Commission has estimated that around EUR200 billion is needed to upgrade Europe’s infrastructure during the current decade for transmission grids and gas pipelines.

 “Clearly the opportunity set in infrastructure is vast and continuing,” comments Martin Lennon, Co Founder and Head of Infracapital, one of Europe’s leading infrastructure investors. Part of M&G Prudential, Lennon co-founded Infracapital with Ed Clarke in 2001, since when it has subsequently raised and managed more than GBP5 billion across five funds. 

“Existing infrastructure in Europe needs to be kept relevant in today’s world. There are some significant trends such as increased urbanisation, climate change and the shift to green energy and electric transportation, etc, which are putting stresses on existing infrastructure. But it is also creating significant opportunities for new infrastructure projects. We think the private sector has an important role to play.” 

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