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In addition to its policies and procedures, Infracapital supports a number of corporate and social responsibility initiatives reflecting its commitment to sustainable business practices

Climate impact is a strategic priority at Infracapital. We invest in solutions to environmental challenges and drive continual environmental improvements both within our firm and our portfolio companies to meet net-zero targets.

  • M&G is a founding signatory of the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, committing to achieve net-zero across operations and AUM by 2050
  • Infracapital reports on its greenhouse gas emissions across its portfolio and is implementing carbon reduction initiatives, where appropriate.
  • Infracapital is committed to tracking KPIs related to waste management, water, biodiversity, energy usage and environmental risk management

We are committed to being diverse and inclusive both as a business and as an investor. Our investments serve an essential purpose in society, intrinsically linked with the lives of the communities in which we operate

  • We are committed to creating businesses that serve peoples’ needs in addition to building working cultures where all people are valued and health and wellbeing are prioritised
  • We require all investee companies to consider, and engage with, all stakeholders and seek the betterment of the local community
  • Within our firm and investee companies, we focus on diversity and inclusion, employee wellbeing, data & cybersecurity, stakeholder engagement, health and safety and human rights considerations
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a strategic priority. We monitor and report on diversity in the workplace across investee companies including working with each portfolio company to drive for greater diversity I management teams and the implementation of inclusive working cultures
  • We aspire to achieve 45% female representation, 25-30% ethnic minority representation and to foster social mobility by 2035. We commit to annually disclose our performance toward such aspirations and challenge ourselves to revise such targets

We strive to achieve strong oversight through sound corporate governance to create leading and resilient business committed to sustainability

  • We seek controlling, or significant minority stakes, in all our investments in order to actively manage and deliver sound corporate governance
  • It is a requirement that all portfolio companies have ESG as a standing board agenda item and that ESG-related KPIs are collected on a quarterly and annual basis
  • We seek to be transparent and accountable in a globalised world and see value in working with a number of international organisations to drive forward the sustainability agenda

Infracapital has identified 10 Core ESG Areas of Focus which focuses our engagement with our portfolio companies on ESG. We believe these 10 Areas are both material and relevant for each portfolio company across the diversified sectors in which we invest.

In 2020, the Responsible Investment Committee established specific commitments across these 10 Focus Areas with specific advancements made on Climate Impact and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

  • M&G Plc commit to be being net-zero across business operations by 2030 at the latest.
  • Across our strategies, we look to invest to be part of the solution creating businesses that actively deliver impact toward the decarbonisation agenda
  • We commit to working toward carbon reduction initiatives, where appropriate, and investing in innovative solutions, to align to the Group’s 2050 target.

  • We commit to improvement in driving the sex and ethnic diversity of our team and we have developed a roadmap in addition to specific quantifiable goals to 2035
  • We further commit to tackling the challenge of social mobility within the Infrastructure Industry through our work with the Infrastructure Industry Foundation
  • We will work with each portfolio company to drive improvements in diversity metrics and disclose such data in our Annual ESG report
  • We will work with our portfolio companies to improve the access and affordability of key services, recognising that inclusive growth is an imperative for the sustainable growth of the global economy


M&G plc is a signatory of United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investing (UNPRI), which means it commits to adopt these principles and incorporate sustainability issues into its investment decision making and ownership practices. Infracapital and M&G report annually on adherence to these key investment and asset management principles.


We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and are proud that our initiatives not only directly address one goal: Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation, but that our businesses have their own role to play in supporting many others. While we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals , we are not associated with the UN and our funds are not endorsed by them.


The Infrastructure Industry Foundation (IIF) was set up to unite the infrastructure industry in donating funds to worthy charitable causes close to the industry. Through annual events we aim to bring participants across the industry together to socialise and network whilst providing a lasting legacy we can be proud of. We are currently focused on advancing social mobility within the infrastructure industry. For further information, please visit: https://infrafoundation.co.uk/


We see value in collaborating with peers and industry bodies on this subject matter. Infracapital is a signatory to the Initiative Climat International (iCI), a private equity action group on climate change. Supported by the UNPRI, the iCI aims to better understand and manage climate risk and opportunity. As an active member of the Infrastructure working group of the iCI, we look forward to working with our peers in enhancing our understanding within our investment processes and creating standardised approach to monitor and manage climate risk and opportunity.


Infracapital collects ESG data on a quarterly basis that maps to our 10 Core ESG areas of focus and a more comprehensive set of KPIs on an annual basis. We recognise the importance of transparency of ESG related information and the importance of standardisation, and, as such, we now submit to GRESB, the global real assets ESG benchmark framework.

Our Responsible Investment Committee meets on a monthly basis to review adherence to the system and monitor industry best practice. It is chaired by Co-founder Martin Lennon and Alexia Savva is our dedicated Responsible Investment Manager.

Responsible Investment Committee

Martin Lennon

Responsible Investment Champion

Drives the strategy and takes responsibility for championing responsible investment across the business

Alexia Savva

Head of Responsible Investment

Oversees the implementation and adherence to the ESMS

Ed Clarke


Latifa Tefridj-Gaillard

Head of Investor Relations

Mark Chladek

Head of Brownfield

Daniela Corradi

Chief Financial Officer

Andy Matthews

Head of Greenfield

Wael Elkhouly

Head of Asset Management

Joanne Horridge

Head of Legal

Wilf Bagnall

Investor Relations Director

Priya Veerapen

Greenfield Managing Director

Amy Harris

Responsible Investment Associate