January 2018

Opportunities and Challenges in European Infrastructure

Summary: Interview with Martin Lennon, Infracapital about challenges and opportunities in European infrastructure.

Tom Carr: Does Europe still represent an attractive region for infrastructure investors?

Martin Lennon: In spite of continued interest in the space, the European opportunity set for infrastructure remains as broad as ever both in terms of sectors and geographies. Infrastructure investment has not just been supported, but actively promoted, through national and international infrastructure policy, affirming its power to boost Europe’s continued economic growth and competitiveness at a global level.

Few people dispute the need for new infrastructure investment across the continent. The European Commission estimates that Europe needs €2tn of investment in new infrastructure by 2020, which is likely to require significant private sector involvement. However, there is still a substantial need to expand, strengthen and reinvigorate the existing infrastructure base, providing an ideal opportunity for institutional investors.

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