Martin Lennon

Co Founder and Head of Infracapital

Martin Lennon has been the Head of Infracapital since its inception, and has over 30 years’ infrastructure, project finance and investment experience

Prior to founding Infracapital, Martin led the Project & Infrastructure Finance business at M&G, having joined the company in 1998. He developed a substantial and diversified business investing in infrastructure across a range of financial instruments including public bonds, private placements, loans, mezzanine and equity. Martin played a key role in the creation and development of the first secondary market PFI fund, the M&G Innisfree PPP Fund ("IMPPP") in 2002.

Martin chairs the Investment Committee of Infracapital and the Investment & Steering Committee of IMPPP.  Prior to joining M&G, Martin worked in the infrastructure and project finance divisions of AMEC Plc and Brown & Root Limited.

Martin is a Chartered Management Accountant and is authorised to undertake investment activities by M&G under the Certification Regime.

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