The value of investments will fluctuate and investors may not get back the original amount they invested.


Calvin Capital

<h2>Calvin Capital</h2>

Calvin Capital is the exclusive owner and supplier of gas and electricity meters to electricity utilities across England. Currently Calvin Capital owns over 4 million installed meters.

The business offers contracted, low risk cash flows with the potential for growth through enlarging the meter portfolio with new contracts and extensions.

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Realised: Jan 2017



Kelda Group owns Yorkshire Water, the 5th largest UK water and sewerage company ("WaSC") with assets of over £4.5 billion. It provides clean water and waste water services to 4.7 million customers within the licensed area of Yorkshire and Humberside and to clients throughout the rest of the UK as part of its unregulated business.

The business provides stable inflation-linked yield underpinned by a regulatory pricing regime.

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Realised: May 2017

Affinity Water

<h2>Affinity Water</h2>

Affinity Water is a UK regulated water business, providing water services to a population of over 3.5 million people in three distinct regions of northwest London and southeast England. The businesses own above- and below-ground assets and manage the supply of water to their customers on an integrated basis.

The business provides strong inflation-linked yield underpinned by a regulatory pricing regime.

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Realised: May 2017

Falbygdens Energi AB (FEAB)

<h2>Falbygdens Energi AB (FEAB) </h2>

FEAB operates primarily within the Swedish municipality of Falköping. The business operations comprise mainly of the production and distribution of district heating and the distribution of electricity in the area. The electricity distribution network comprises 522 kilometres of overhead lines and 1,690 kilometres of underground cables. FEAB also operates a broadband business in the municipality.

The business offers predictable low risk, long term cash flows with a strong inflation linked component.

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Adven provides sustainable and business critical tailored corporate energy solutions and district heating in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The diversified platform includes industrial energy solutions, district heating and geothermal capabilities in stable jurisdictions who are amongst the top heat consumers in Europe. Adven is well position to benefit from current energy market trends in Europe, focused on the need for environmentally friendly generation from sustainable sources. 

The business offers long-term, predictable cash flows with a strong inflation linked component.



Slovak utility GGE a.s. (“GGE”) produces and distributes heat and electricity using natural gas fuelled Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants across Slovakia. The heat portfolio includes 33 gas fuelled boilers with a total capacity of 244MWt and 128km of heating grids supplying 35,000 residential and non-residential customers. The electricity portfolio includes 17 sites with a total installed capacity of 79MWe distributed via 26km of cables.;

The business benefits from long-term, stable revenues backed by regulatory framework guaranteeing a regulated margin.

Eteck Energie Bedrijven B.V. (“Eteck”)

<h2>Eteck Energie Bedrijven B.V. (“Eteck”)</h2>

Eteck provides sustainable collective heating systems (“SCHS”) that supply central heating, cooling and tap water to residential and commercial customers in the Netherlands. The company is a market leader in the Netherlands with a proven track record of capturing the market opportunity and building a scalable platform. Eteck is optimally positioned to benefit from current energy market trends in Europe, focused on the need for environmentally friendly generation from sustainable sources.

The business offers long-term, predictable cash flows with a strong inflation linked component.

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Last Mile

<h2>Last Mile</h2>

Energetics is a leading multi utility business in the UK which designs, owns and operates ‘last mile’ electricity and gas connections servicing residential and commercial customers.

The investment is expected to deliver stable inflation-linked cashflows over the long term, benefiting from a well-established regime and long-life assets.

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A portfolio of Combined Heat and Power (‘CHP’) projects at operational and construction stage, initially representing a total of 27.5MW of power production annually. The aim is to capitalise on growth in non-traditional energy assets such as alternative energy efficiency technologies and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, growing the platform by an estimated 30MW a year.

The business benefits from reduced revenue risk and government support through White Certificates, a government scheme to incentivise energy efficiency

Fortum Recharge

<h2>Fortum Recharge</h2>

Fortum Recharge is a market leader for public Electric Vehicle ("EV") charging in the Nordics, the most advanced EV market across Europe.

The business benefits from favourable market dynamics with significant uptake in the Nordic EV market as a result of strong policy support.


Associated British Ports

<h2>Associated British Ports</h2>

Associated British Ports owns and operates 21 ports around Great Britain making it the largest landlord port operator in the country.

ABP's operations offer excellent geographic coverage and handle a diverse mix of cargo, both by type, trading origin and destination. Ports include Immingham, the UK’s largest port by tonnage, and Southampton, the UK’s second largest container terminal.

The business has a strong stable earnings base due to its ‘landlord nature’ and diversification of cargoes, customers and geography of ports, as well as a substantial amount of contracted income.

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Realised: July 2015

Red Funnel

<h2>Red Funnel</h2>

Established in 1861, Red Funnel provides passenger, vehicle and freight ferry services between the UK mainland and the Isle of Wight. The business provides c.20,000 crossings per annum, operating 364 days a year. The Isle of Wight is a popular holiday destination as well as having a fast growing population.

Red Funnel has a strong market position, providing stable operating cash flows.

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Realised July 2017



The construction and maintenance of 30km of new motorway in Scotland and the maintenance of 74km of existing motorway adjacent to the new road.

Gruppo Investimenti Portuali SpA

<h2>Gruppo Investimenti Portuali SpA</h2>

Gruppo Investimenti Portuali SpA (“GIP”) is one of the leading independent container terminal operators holding strategic concessions at four key origin/destination terminals, in Northern Italy. GIP leases facilities from the local port authority, provides equipment, hires and trains labour, secures customers and manages the day to day cargo handling operations. In addition to long established onward transport links, easy access to the Suez Canal makes GIP the preferred hub for European trade with the Far East.

The business has a strong market position and a stable earnings base underpinned by contracts with longstanding customers.

Corelink Rail Infrastructure (“Corelink”)

<h2>Corelink Rail Infrastructure (“Corelink”)</h2>

Corelink is a rolling stock lessor platform providing financing for the procurement of new trains by the UK’s West Midlands franchisee. The West Midlands Franchise provides commuter, inter-urban and regional services to passengers in the West of England and London.

The business benefits from high barriers to entry and long term predictable cashflows with rolling stock historically staying in service on the same franchise for the full useful life.

GB Railfreight (GBRf)

<h2>GB Railfreight (GBRf)</h2>

GBRf is the UK's third-largest rail freight operator, providing essential haulage and ancillary rail services to a variety of critical end-user segments.

The business benefits from structural barriers to entry and long-term contracted cashflows in addition to increasing environmental awareness, political support and growing intermodal trade supporting the shift from road to rail.

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Alticom is the owner of national broadcast and telecommunication infrastructure in the Netherlands. Alticom has unique portfolio of 33 towers and masts providing a platform for national broadcast coverage of radio and digital television and forms an essential component of wireless networks for the Dutch telecommunication operators.

The business benefits from stable and predictable cash flows, underpinned by long term, index-linked contract revenues.

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Realised: September 2017



Gigaclear is a broadband developer, developing reliable, high-speed Fibre-To-The-Premises (“FTTP”) fibre optic broadband networks in the rural communities in the UK. The business offers speeds up to 1Gbps and is targeting a market of 1.5 million rural households currently underserved by the existing large broadband providers.

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Nexera is a broadband developer engaging in the construction and operation of fibre broadband networks in underserved areas across Poland, tendered by the Polish government. A meaningful portion of the projects are to be subsidised by the EU, as part of the EU’s digital agenda to achieve universal 30mbps+ broadband connectivity by 2020.

SSE Telecoms

<h2>SSE Telecoms</h2>

SSE Enterprise Telecoms provides class-leading connectivity and data centre services that deliver very high performance, cost efficiency and a competitive edge. The company operates a growing 12,000km UK-wide private telecoms network and an estate of 15 data centres.

With a passionate and conscientious team, as well as the backing of the SSE Group, it continues to invest in the future of its customers, staff, services, and infrastructure. 

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WightFibre is an established local telecom company on the Isle of Wight. While the business already owns and operates a cable network it has ambitions to rollout Fibre-To-The-Premises (“FTTP”) across the island targeting 51.5k homes and 1.9k businesses over three years.

The business benefits from a well-protected regional market with an established customer base.

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CCNST is one of the largest fibre infrastructure providers in Germany, possessing 46 networks, compromising 3,300km of fibre. The company operates substantial Fibre-to-the-Cabinet ("FTTC") and Fibre-to-the-Premises ("FTTP") networks, spanning more than 100 underserved rural communities.

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Fibrus is a fibre broadband network provider in Northern Ireland, with plants to roll-out Fibre-to-the-Premises ("FTTP") across rural Northern Ireland.

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BBV Deutschland ("BBV")

<h2>BBV Deutschland ("BBV")</h2>

BBV is one of only a small number of pure play German Fibre-to-the-Home ("FTTH") businesses, which focuses on rolling out FTTH in rural and semi-rural areas which are currently reliant on slow broadband speeds.

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Bioenergy Infrastructure Group (“BIG”)

<h2>Bioenergy Infrastructure Group (“BIG”)</h2>

Bioenergy Infrastructure Group (“BIG”) is a UK biomass and Energy from Waste (“EfW”) aggregation platform with exclusivity over more than £200 million primary assets and acquisition rights over a pipeline of secondary assets. The aim is to create a generation capacity in excess of 100MW. Construction has commenced at 21MW, Ince Park, biomass project and 24MW, Hull, EfW project, and there is potential for significant scale over the next two years, with the ability to diversify into other technologies if desired.

BIG benefits from long-term, stable, inflation-linked revenues, backed by UK Government support for renewables

Infracapital Solar

<h2>Infracapital Solar</h2>

Infracapital Solar is a fully operational portfolio of six photovoltaic plants, with a total operating capacity of 36.5 MW, located in Spain. The parks are located across four sites, Fontellas, Lasesa, Valtierra and Tordesillas. All parks were built under the Royal Decree 1578/2008.

The business offers a sizable standalone investment in a fragmented market, and provides stable revenues with low operational risk.

Realised: Dec 2016



Zephyr Investments Ltd is one of the largest onshore wind farm portfolios in the UK, owning 17 operational wind farms with a combined capacity of 391.2MW. The portfolio includes the 60 MW North Hoyle offshore wind farm, the UK’s first major offshore wind farm built in 2003 off the North Wales coast.

The business generates revenue through the sale of electricity under long term power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Realised: March 2017

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

<h2>Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon</h2>

The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon is a 320MW hydroelectric power generation project to be constructed at the western end of the Severn Estuary in Wales. The project will consist of a six mile barrier fitted with sluice gates and 16 bi-directional turbines which will generate electricity as the tide ebbs and flows. The Severn Estuary holds the second highest tidal range in the world and within this Swansea Bay benefits from an average tidal range during spring tides of 8.5m. Electricity is generated four times a day for 14 hours a day.

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Infram Energy

<h2>Infram Energy</h2>

Infram Energy is a renewable energy aggregation platform established by Infracapital and Amarenco Solar to invest in the late stage development and construction of renewable energy generation projects and assets across the UK, Ireland and France. The initial portfolio consists of three rooftop and ground mounted solar projects in France backed by a 20 year Feed In Tariff, with a total generating capacity of 75MW. The platform has a strong pipeline of further projects and expects to develop c.50MW of projects per annum.

The platform offers stable, inflation linked revenues backed by Government support for renewables.

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<h2>C2I PORTFOLIO</h2>

The servicing and maintenance of the fully operational 560 bed Vimercate Hospital in the northern suburbs of Milan with 6MWe energy facility.

The expansion, servicing and maintenance of the 413 bed Empoli Hospital west of Florence, plus the construction of an accompanying trigeneration energy plant (2MWe). 

The servicing and maintenance of a 10.6 MWe CHHP (Combined Cooling, Heat and Power) trigeneration energy centre,  and its associated distribution network, serving Careggi University Hospital in northern Florence.




The design, construction and operation of a Category B prison to house 600 adults and 400 young offenders in Bridgend, South Wales.

MOD Main Building

The refurbishment, servicing and maintenance of the Ministry of Defence Main Building in Whitehall, London



Design, construction, servicing and maintenance of seven new and three refurbished schools for Birmingham Council.

Design, construction, servicing and maintenance of a new secondary school in the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Design, construction, servicing and maintenance of six new schools for the London Borough of Merton.

Design, construction, servicing and maintenance of two new schools for Kent County Council.



Design, construction, servicing and maintenance of the new 525 bed acute Princess Royal University Hospital and a 93 bed mental health unit for the South London Healthcare NHS Trust.

Dartford & Gravesham
Design, construction, servicing and maintenance of the 400 bed Darent Valley Hospital in Kent.

Design, construction, servicing and maintenance of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for the South London Healthcare NHS Trust.

Design, construction, servicing and maintenance of the 476 bed Hairmyres Hospital for NHS Lanarkshire in East Kilbride, Scotland.

Health (Continued)

<h2>Health (Continued)</h2>

Norfolk & Norwich
Design, construction, servicing and maintenance of the 950 bed Norfolk & Norwich Hospital.

South Bucks
Design, construction, servicing and maintenance of two new hospitals for Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust at Amersham and Wycombe.

South Manchester
Design, construction, servicing and maintenance of the acute wing of the 950 bed Wythenshawe Hospital in South Manchester.

South Tees
The redevelopment and expansion, servicing and maintenance of the existing James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough.

Waste and Water

<h2>Waste and Water</h2>

Dudley WTE
The design, construction and maintenance of an incinerator that burns domestic waste to generate electricity in partnership with Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Hanford WTE
The design, construction and maintenance of an incinerator that burns domestic waste to generate electricity in partnership with Staffordshire County Council.

Wolverhampton WTE
The design, construction and maintenance of an incinerator that burns domestic waste to generate electricity in partnership with Wolverhampton City Council.




The company constructs and sub-lets retail space and a car park in seven NHS hospitals under head lease agreements with the respective Trusts.


The company provide project management and SPV management services to PFI projects in the Health and Education sectors in the UK and Canada.

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